Day 33-34: San Jose

Before we left Guatemala, Elliott and I got breakfast at a bakery that we went to with our friends when the six of us were in Antigua together. While we were eating, much to our surprise, in walked Paul and Lauren before their bus ride to Nicaragua, so we got to say goodbye to them before we went our separate ways.

Then we hopped on the minibus bound for the airport and made it with plenty of time before our flight to Cancun. Our flight got in a little late, so we were in a bit of a rush to get to our connecting flight to San Jose, but it all worked out.

After we made it through immigration and customs, we hopped in an Uber and went to our hostel, Trip On. We settled in and then went to grab dinner down the street and hit the hay.

The next day, Elliott and I needed to formulate our plan for the rest of Costa Rica. We originally planned to spend time in the northern part of Costa Rica at Monteverde and Arenal Volcano, but our host in San Pedro La Laguna encouraged us to check out the coast instead, so we took his advice.

We walked several miles into downtown San Jose and went to a tourism office where we got lots of information about the places we wanted to go from brochures and a worker who told us exactly what bus station we should go to. Then we walked to the bus station and bought tickets to Manuel Antonio for the following day.

After Elliott and I finished up some more planning at a cafe, we stopped at a souvenir market on our way back to the hostel so I could look for a swimsuit coverup, and I found the perfect one. We got a little lost on our way back to Trip On, but we made it back and played a few rounds of pool until we went to get dinner at a nearby craft brewery.

At dinner, we each had a beer and a burger, all of which was tasty but pretty expensive. It more or less helped us make the decision to kind of speed through Costa Rica like we did in Belize because we couldn’t afford to keep paying U.S. prices for meals.

Shortly after we got back to the hostel, the German guy who we saw in Tulum, Caye Caulker and Antigua checked in to our dorm room. It was pretty cool to randomly run into him in four countries.

We hung out at Trip On for the rest of the night and got plenty of sleep for the next day for travel.


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