Guatemala is a rich and beautiful country that you definitely can’t miss. Here are some tips that I picked up along the way:

  • There is a definite “tourist trail” through Guatemala.  So my first tip is to make friends early. As you read in Brie’s posts, we traveled with people pretty much all the way through Guatemala. Having friends makes traveling more fun and also is nice on the long shuttle rides you will be taking. 
  • Speaking of the shuttle rides, there are several bus companies that have routes on the “tourist trail” in Guatemala. But some companies are better than others. What you need to look out for are companies that are INGUAT certified, which means they’re paid a salary by the government and don’t work off the commissions of their sales. The companies that we dealt with were very helpful.
  • If you’re going to Tikal, I would suggest paying for a guide. While you can do it without one, you’ll be missing out on a lot of information as there are no plaques to describe the ruins. Our guide also pointed out a ton of wildlife on the tour. 
  • Guatemala has great textiles. There are many places in Antigua and on Lake Atitlán that make them so it’s pretty inexpensive to buy. 

– Elliott


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