Day 25-26: Antigua

When it was time to leave Lanquín, Elliott and I traveled with our friends to Antigua, where we stayed for a couple of days until we continued on to our last major stop in Guatemala. 

We hadn’t booked a hostel before we arrived in Antigua, so we wandered around for a little bit, looking for an open room for six people, which we found at Jungle Party Hostel. After we got settled in, we went to grab some food at a nearby pub and then went back to the hostel to hang out and have a couple of drinks.

The next day, we drank cappuccinos and ate breakfast, including cronuts, at a nice, little spot called Fernando’s Kaffee, and then explored the city on foot. There are plenty of old, historical structures to see since Antigua is the old capital of Guatemala. Our friend Lauren, an architect, downloaded maps highlighting some of those places and acted as our tour guide.

Our tour included stops at Antigua’s Parque Central, Santa Catalina Arch and Union Water Tank. We also visited several churches that are in ruins due to earthquakes and others that are intact.

The tour even included an unplanned pit stop for beers when it started to rain and a surprise appearance by Victor, a German guy who we met in Tulum and saw again in Caye Caulker, when we ran into him on the street.

My favorite stop was at a huge textile market, Nim Po’t, which is filled with almost everything that could possibly be made with the colorful fabrics and threaded patterns for which Guatemala is known. Needless to say, I went a little crazy buying gifts for myself, family and friends.

– Brie

P.S. Props again to Lauren for the nice photos of Elliott and I.


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