Day 23-24: Semuc Champey

After we spent two days in Flores, Elliott and I traveled with our new friends to Lanquín, a mountain town that’s home to a beautiful national park called Semuc Champey. The six of us rode there in a private shuttle with comfortable seats, air conditioning and movies.

When we got to our hostel, El Muro, we enjoyed a free Gallo beer and then settled into our nine-bed dorm room, where we could relax on the two hammocks set up on a little patio area overlooking the jungle and mountains.

The next day, we jumped in the back of a pickup truck and went on an exhilarating ride through the mountains to Semuc Champey. The 30-minute trip there was an adventure in itself as we zoomed up and down the switchbacks, with the six of us bouncing around the bed of the truck, taking in the breathtaking views along the way.

When we made it to Semuc Champey, we immediately headed for the limestone pools, where we swam, dove, slid and jumped into the turquoise water for about two hours. Then we went to check out the waterfall that gushes into a river that flows under the limestone bridge on which the pools are situated.

We briefly left the park to grab some food and see if we could check out the nearby caves, but they were closed for the day, so we went back into Semuc Champey and swam in the chilly river for about an hour until it was time for the pickup truck to take us back to the hostel.

Semuc Champey is easily one of my favorite stops on our journey because of the incredible scenery, set in the middle of mountains covered by lush vegetation, and the numerous activities that it has to offer.

– Brie

P.S. I didn’t bring my phone or camera to the park with me, so thanks to Lauren for sharing her photos of Semuc Champey.


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