Belize is unfortunately expensive with a 2:1 exchange rate. So if you are traveling on a budget like we are, you might have to plan wisely to see more of the country. 

But one really nice thing about Belize is that English is the national language, so it’s fairly easy to talk to everyone. 

We were confused when we found Queen Elizabeth II on every piece of currency. But we found out that Belize is a member of the British Commonwealth. Long live the queen. 

I would highly recommend drinking Belikin beer while in Belize. It is one of the better beers in Central America and the stout is pretty alcoholic. 

Unfortunately, that’s all I have for Belize. As you read in Brie’s post about Caye Caulker, we had to speed through the country at an unbelizeably fast pace.  But I was still able to cram an unbelizeable amount of Belize puns in there, Belize it or not. 

– Elliott 


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