Day 13: Tulum

After a disappointing stay in Cancun, Elliott and I had high hopes for Tulum, and thankfully it really delivered. 

We arrived in Tulum in the early afternoon and found our Airbnb, Casa Morada, just a block away from the bus station. Then we were able to use two bikes supplied by our Airbnb to go on about a 15-minute ride to the Tulum ruins.

Elliott and I spent a couple of hours at the site, checking out the ruins and enjoying the beach atmoshphere. Of course, I took a ton of photos, especially of the iguanas chilling on the ruins.

When the park closed, we biked down the road to the beach, where we swam and hung out until it started to rain.

The Tulum ruins are a lot smaller than those at Chichén Itzá, but I liked the Tulum site more because it was less touristy and the backdrop was stunning. 

The city of Tulum was also really cool. We would’ve loved to stay there longer if we could’ve.

– Brie


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