Day 11-12: Cancún

After our time in Mérida, Elliott and I were supposed to go to Isla Holbox on the northeastern part of the Yucatán, but our plans changed due to problems finding a place to stay and a bus at a decent time. We decided to go to Cancun, even though we really didn’t want to, because it’s the main stopping point and there are plenty of fairly cheap places to stay.

We found an Airbnb in Cancun for only $15 USD a night, so we figured we would spend two nights there and at least do an excursion to Isla Mujeres one of the days, and still try to make it to Isla Holbox if we had time. Well, the local bus took about twice as long as we expected it to, so we didn’t get to Cancun until 6 or 7 p.m. There went our hopes of Isla Holbox, but we thought that we’d at least be able to make it Isla Mujeres the following day.

Mother Nature apparently wasn’t on our side because it rained nonstop from early morning to mid-afternoon and the streets flooded on our last day in Cancun. Instead of trying to make it to Isla Mujeres while the weather was so crappy, Elliott and I holed up inside of a coffee shop for a few hours and booked places to stay for the next leg of our trip, so it wasn’t all in vain.

When it stopped raining around 4 p.m., we left the coffee shop and headed toward the ocean so we could at least get a little bit of beach time in. The walk to the beach was nice since we had been inside all day, but the beach itself was fairly disappointing. There was a nasty garbage smell, the sand wasn’t smooth and the water wasn’t a pretty shade of blue.

Since we were in Cancun in mid-August, there weren’t a ton of tourists there, which was nice. But the tourism vibe of the place still lingers all year round.

We were both incredibly disappointed with the quality of the Mexican food in Cancun. It was probably the most subpar I have ever tasted.

One of Cancun’s saving graces — if there are any — is the street art. That’s definitely the coolest thing we saw when we were there.

We disliked Cancun about as much as we thought we were going to before going there, but sometimes plans have to change and all you can do is roll with it. At least we were able to save some money by not going on any big exclusions and plan the next week of our trip while we were there.

But my advice is to skip Cancun if you can. If you’re looking for a beach vacation in Mexico, there are plenty of other places that are much more authentic and worthwhile.

– Brie


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