Day 8: Mexico City 

On our last day in Mexico City, we went back to Castillo de Chapultapec with Ceci because we somehow missed half of it when we went on our own on our third day in town. The castle is one of her favorite places in Mexico City and she’s been there several times, so she was the perfect person to show us around.

Another advantage of going to the castle with Ceci, who’s a master Instagramer, was taking the opportunity to get a lot of great photos. She took numerous photos of Elliott and I together and also inspired me to take some artsier ones on my own.

We also got to see the spaces in the castle where Maximilian and Porfirio Díaz slept, bathed, ate and relaxed, as well as its balconies that offer breathtaking views of Mexico City.

After the castle, we walked to Condesa, where we got cheap but delicious sushi for lunch. Then we walked to Roma to check out the street art. Both neighborhoods are kind of the new hip, trendy places for young people to live, so it was cool to check them out.

For our last meal in Mexico City, we returned to Fisher’s, where we are on our second day in town, because it was our favorite restaurant. Then we went back to Ceci and Diego’s place to pack up our stuff and sleep for a few hours before our flight to Mérida. 

We’re so lucky that we were able to stay with Diego and Ceci in Mexico City because they’re the reason we had such a great time. There couldn’t have been a more perfect beginning to our trip!



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