Day 5: Mexico City

Elliott, Diego and I went out to Xochimilco on our fifth day in Mexico City for a two-hour ride on the canals. The boats, known as “trajineras,” are similar to gondolas, but they’re modeled after pre-Hispanic vessels and are much more colorful.

Sundays are a popular time for groups of people to get together and ride on the trajineras, so the canals were full of the boats, which only added to the experience. There also were vendors in smaller boats, selling drinks, food, flower crowns and toys, as well as mariachi groups and marimba players that could be hired to travel along the canals with trajineras.

We had a great time sipping micheladas, eating quesadillas and listening to music as we floated along the canals!

Since many tourists don’t seem to know about this attraction, it was the perfect way to experience a fun Mexico tradition on a Sunday afternoon. It’s definitely one of the top highlights of our trip so far.



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