Day 3: Mexico City

On our third day in Mexico City, we returned to the Bosque de Chapultapec (Chapultapec Forest) to check out the Castillo de Chapultapec (Chapultapec Castle), which houses the Museo Nacional de Historia (National History Museum). We tried to visit the castle the day before but it was closed due to an accident involving a tram. 

The castle sits atop Chapultapec Hill, so there are beautiful views of Mexico City. It’s an important part of the city and country’s history because it played host to the Battle of Chapultapec during the Mexican-American War and was home to Emperor Maximilian I and President Porfirio Díaz before it opened to the public as a museum.

Although all of the exhibits were in Spanish, we managed to understand some of the information, as well as enjoy the ornate decorations and historical artifacts.

After the castle, we walked back through the Bosque de Chapultapec to the Museo Nacional de Antropología (National Anthropology Museum). Luckily, most of the information was also translated into English, so we were able to learn a lot about the numerous civilizations that have called Mexico home.

We got about halfway through the anthropology museum and then decided to return to Deigo’s apartment to order a pizza and hang out until we went to his friend’s party.



3 thoughts on “Day 3: Mexico City

  1. Really nice photographs! I am sure it is a challenge to document and write commentary each day. Take you for taking the extra time and effort to do so. It is really enjoyable to follow you journey and learn with you.

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