Day 1: Mexico City

We made it to Mexico City, where we’re staying for a week with our friends, Diego and Ceci! I met Diego over the Couchsurfing website in August 2011 when he was looking for a place to stay for Lollapalooza. He visited Chicago again in August 2012 for Lolla and in April 2015 with Ceci. Now I finally get to check out his stomping grounds!

I spent several hours in the Benito Juaréz Airport, waiting for Elliott’s flight to get in, but at least it was a great place to people watch. After calling an Uber, we arrived at Diego and Ceci’s apartment in the Del Valle neighborhood around 10 p.m. and then walked to El Tiazoncito, which claims to have invented al pastor tacos 50 years ago, for some traditional Mexican food, including pozole, chicharrón de queso and horchata.



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